Pioneer Computer Lecture Series

Poster Lecturer Videos Year Run Time Source Link
Maurice Wilkes The Birth and Growth of the Digital Computer September 23, 1979 1:32:02 CHM YouTube
Dr. George Stibitz The Bell Labs Relay Computers May 8, 1980 1:11:44 CHM YouTube
Jay Forrester The Whirlwind Computer June 2, 1980 1:24:46 CHM YouTube
Dr. John Vincent Atanasoff The ABC Machine: Atanasoff-Berry Computer November 11, 1980 1:14:43 CHM YouTube
Konrad Zuse Z1, Z2, Z3, 1936-1947 March 4, 1981 1:17:36 CHM YouTube
James Wilkinson The Pilot Ace April 14, 1981 CHM
John Brainerd Development of the ENIAC Project June 25, 1981 1:11:01 CHM YouTube
Dai Edwards Early Manchester Computers September 9, 1981 1:15:34 CHM YouTube
Tom Flowers The Colossus, WWII Code-Breaking Machine October 15, 1981 1:23:15 CHM YouTube
Wes Clark LINC November 18, 1981 1:11:18 CHM YouTube
Arthur Burks The Origin of the Stored Program February 18, 1982 CHM
Herbert Grosch The Watson Scientific Laboratory 1945-1950 October 21, 1982 58:40 Min CHM YouTube
Harry Huskey From Pilot ACE to the G-15 November 18, 1982 54:48 Min CHM Internet Artchive YouTube
Grace Hopper Howard Aiken and the Harvard Mark I April 14, 1983 52:14 Min CHM YouTube
Bernard Gordon Computer Engineering Attitudes from Eckert-Mauchley to Analogic October 20, 1983 58:47 Min CHM YouTube
Bob Evans The IBM System/360 November 20, 1983 1:33:10 CHM YouTube
Jan Rajchman Memories: 1945-1950 March 7, 1985 1:13:06 CHM YouTube

Lecturer Videos Year Run Time Source Link
Gordon Bell Computer Pioneers - Pioneer Computers Part I 1996 53:26 Min CHM YouTube
Gordon Bell Computer Pioneers - Pioneer Computers Part II 1996 54:11 Min CHM YouTube

Videos Year Run Time Source Link
The EDSAC Film, presented by M.V. Wilkes 1951 11:30 Min CHM YouTube
The Computer Museum Opening: Artifact Close-Ups (b-roll) 1979 20:45 Min CHM YouTube
The Computer Museum Opening Party (b-roll) 1979 15:00 Min CHM YouTube
The SAGE Computer c1980s 23:20 Min CHM YouTube
IBM Stretch: A Technology Link Between Yesterday and Tomorrow 1980 13:07 Min CHM YouTube
Harold Cohen, The Program and Art Behind the Museum's Murals 1980 57:45 Min CHM YouTube
Art by Computer: A Demo Narrated by Harold Cohen 1980 5:18 Min DEC YouTube
D. H. Lehmer, The History of the Sieve Machines 1982 58:51 Min CHM Internet Archive YouTube
Eldon Hall, Designing the Apollo Guidance Computer, Part I Computer 1982 56:09 Min CHM YouTube
David Scott, The Apollo Guidance Computer, Part II Computer 1982 35:39 Min Min CHM YouTube
Dr. J. Wilkenson and Mr. M. Woodger, Pilot ACE 1982 13:53 Min National Physical Library YouTube
Development of the TX-0 at MIT 1983 55.37 Min TCM Engineering and Technology History Wiki
Lester Hogan, The Origin, Evolution, and Future of the Semiconductor Industry 1983 57:52 Min CHM Internet Archive YouTube
Gene Amdahl, From WISC to TRILOGY 1983 1:00:34 CHM YouTube
Alan Perlis, The Evolution of Software 1983 1:12:38 CHM YouTube
Jerrold Petrofsky, Computer Aided Stimulation for Paraplegics 1983 1:21:25 CHM YouTube
Touring the Computer Museum 1983 06:33 Min ComputerChronicles YouTube
Robert Noyce, The Impact of Integrated Circuits 1984 41:46 Min CHM YouTube
B.B. Mandelbrot, Zooming on a Fractual Surface 1984 3:01 Min CHM YouTube
See How They Run: Sixty Years of Computing on Film 1984 1:44:49 CHM YouTube
Public Service Announcement from TCM 1984 0:31 Min CHM YouTube
Journey Through the Walk-Through Computer, Hosted by David Neil 1990 27:07 Min CHM YouTube
Bill Gates and the Girl Scouts 1995 27:38 Min Michael Garboski YouTube

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