The information superhighway is Internet 2.0, NOT

The information superhighway is Internet 2.0, NOT

a legislated design

what happens when CATV and Telco suppliers propose to Congress and gerrymander the market

one-way, slow, asymmetrical, built as hybrid fiber-coax

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It's not something that's going to come from Washington, it's not something that's coming from a vision by the President of Bell Atlantic no matter how many times he's on the cover of Fortune Magazine. Phone folks have never understood or supported computing. So, Internet 2.0 is not a legislative design, it's not cable and Telco suppliers proposing to congress to gerrymander the market, and it's not, a one way slow, asymmetrical channel built as hybrid fiber coax, which is what cable and telecos are trying to do. This supposed merger of cable and telephony is being done for couch potatoes, and I don't think they know. If they knew, they wouldn't want to pay for it. Delivering video by satellite broadcasting is superior to wiring.