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Here are the players and who'd like to define Infoway Cyberspace, or whatever we call it... and their motivation.

Well, we've got the cable TV industry who wants to deliver video on demand. They think they're going to also supply phones. They're going in debt and trying to get stock holders to pay for their new plant.

The telecoms want to deliver video on demand to wipe out the cable TV industry . Guess where they're going to get the money? We're going to pay for it with our phone bills.

Now it's nice to see that long distance carriers are beginning to see Internet as a market. And then congress or whoever buys them, they want to define it also. But really, who is doing it? I say, us. That is, Internet 2.0 users mousing around and evolving the world wide web, HTML, Browsers, servers, and commerce companies enabling home pages and we're on a rapid evolutionary path. We're really defining the Cyberspace.