The Internet

Gordon Bell


The Internet

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Growth in users?

Growth in users?


Section: All the graphs go to the right and straight up

Qualitative growth

Growth in thousands of Internet Hosts

Growth in thousands of Internet Hosts 198% per year or 6% per month

NSF Backbone traffic (GBytes/month)

NSF Backbone traffic (GBytes/month)

Growth in world traffic

Originating Bandwidth (Gb/s)

Growth in hype vs reality

Articles about security, privacy, & fraud versus commerce ($M)

Articles per newspaper versus

Gamer-age years hours of play vs time for various machines

Convergence leads to commerce

Convergence leads to commerce

Internet affects $240 B industries

So who does it affect?

What info comes via the post office that could come Internetted?

Section: Where we’ve come from-- serendipity; ARPAnet, NREN, 3.0

History: Story of Serendipity


FCCSET NREN Plan 11/1987

Internet 2.0 (now)... serendipity

Internet Structure

Internet 3.0 goals & vision?

An architect’s view of Internet

Unibus: for building block

Ethernet: The Unibus of the 80s (UART of the 90s)

How Will Future Computers Be Built?

SNAP Systems circa ­ 2000

Top 10 Why Internet 2.0 is

Players who’d like to define infoway, cyberspace, etc....

The information superhighway is Internet 2.0,

The Colliding Worlds of TV, Telephony & Datacom a.k.a. Computing & Internet

CATV : Internet

Building Internet

Merge CATV & Telcos?

Why we need symmetry:

Internet 3.0

Section: Why we need BW. Bandwidth isn’t free

Installed vs laboratory fiber Gbps

LAN & WAN Converge?

Cost (time) for 1 hour of video c1995

Time (min.) to transfer some data

Internet 2.0: symmetry & bandwidth

Internet 3.0: symmetry & bandwidth

Internet 2.1: We need Internet 3.0,

Does Internet & the Telecomputer replace the Telephone?

Internet/intranet Instruments aka Telecomputers aka ITs aka NCs aka Browsers Alternatives

Telecomputer aka IT Configuratrions

The Telecomputer aka “$500 IT”

Will the Iii be like an X-terminal?

Speculation NOT


No bit wasting gifs...