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Okay, where are we with Internet-2 that was NREN or NII or GII or our current information superhighway? It was supposed to provide high bandwidth, help supers, and allow visualization. So the serendipity is we first got the World Wide Web(WWW) and HTML from CERN. And if you don't understand why it came from CERN where they do high energy physics, you should. That's an interesting story. Gopher and Mosaic then followed. Mosaic as the multimedia carrier has been the match to ignite the network lift off.

The graphics allow us to do the billboards and catalogs, to have the bit warehouses for text to simple images and a new one, RealAudio™. I don't think we'll have relative for awhile, but we've got Cornell's CU SeeMe and the tragedy is that now they're going to know you're a dog if you're on Internet.