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One institution that I'd like to see change is the post office. Just look at what comes into our homes this way and ask which ones are better distributed electronically? The worst thing about the arrival of magazines and reports is the ability to find the magazine and article once you've read it. Did you throw it away? where is it filed? what issue is it in? I'd gladly pay extra for on line access to a magazine so that I don't have to file it. In some cases, I'd pay extra to never get it at all and simply access it when I need to.

Bills is my favorite one to come electronically. I've invented BillFree which I've asked to trade mark. It's the converse of CheckFree for bills. That is, merchants send us their bills via email.

And thank god, faxes are disappearing. We owe it to the world to get rid of faxes.

And finally personal letters. For many of us letters have almost disappeared. We don't owe it to the world to get rid of personal letters because they're nice things. In a lot of cases, Internet brings people closer together because they're on already and using it for personal communication is easy and natural.