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I'm going to show more graphs because I can't talk without them. Then say a little about communications computing and content to create commerce. Internet applications has accompanied bandwidth This is serendipity.

Next I want to stress the importance of symmetry for peer structures vs. what the phone and cable guys are trying to do with broadcasting to bring us video-on-demand that I don't think many of us want or will pay for. Some companies are trying to build a mainframe structure for couch potatoes which we don't want to be. Internet makes us be interactive.

Next it's important to understand who's trying to define Internet including ourselves and end up with why it still all about bandwidth. It's free when you look at the amount of install capacity. Unfortunately it's also unavailable.

Another important aspect is how we access it. Today itís a PC, but in the future, it could be the Telecomputer, a lower cost device that might replace the phone.