Information Research Services Updated: 24 November 1997
              April: 1974
MPS, DIGITAL's first microprocessor, is introduced.
              March 1979:
F-11 microprocessor is announced.
              August 1983:
DIGITAL ships the J-11 chip in the
LSI-11/73 board.
              May 1985:
MicroVAX chip is announced for the MicroVAX II.
              September 1987:
DIGITAL unveils a new generation of its MicroVAX computer family with the introduction of the MicroVAX 3500 and
MicroVAX 3600. Both machines are powered by the new CVAX chip.
              April 1988:
DIGITAL introduces the
VAX 6000 system platform, based on the CVAX chip.
              July 1989:
Rigel chip set is introduced.
              October 1990:
The Mariah chip set ships in the
VAX 6500.
              November 1991:
The NVAX chip, DIGITAL's fourth VAX microprocessor, is implemented in 0.75-micrometer CMOS technology and ships in the
VAX 6600.
              August 1994:
DIGITAL describes the
21164, its newest Alpha microprocessor.
              February 1996:
DIGITAL announces the
SA-110 StrongARM microprocessor.
              July 1996:
DIGITAL announces 500MHz and 433MHz versions of its
Alpha 21164 RISC microprocessor, strengthening its four-year claim to the world's fastest and highest-performance microprocessors.