Information Research Services Updated: 23 September 1997
              April 1975:
Introduction of DIGITAL's
Network Architecture (DECnet).
              February 1980:
Introduction of
DECnet Phase III -- the most advanced networking in the computer industry.
              June 1980:
DIGITAL, Intel and Xerox cooperate in
Ethernet local area network project.
              May 1983:
DIGITAL announces
              October 1983:
DECnet Phase IV is announced.
              February 1986:
Announcement of
DECconnect wiring strategy and related products and services extends DIGITAL's networking leadership.
              November 1986:
DIGITAL introduces
Local Area VAXcluster systems, extending distributed computing to the work group.
              January 1988:
DIGITAL extends its
Network Applications Support (NAS) facilities to integrate MS-DOS, OS/2 and UNIX systems into the open DECnet/OSI network environment.
              May 1990:
DIGITAL begins shipment of its second-generation
LAN products.
              September 1993:
DIGITAL introduces the
              November 1994:
DIGITAL introduces the
              April 1995:
DIGITAL outlines its plan for
virtual networking and the integration of LANs, WANs and ATM.