Information Research Services Updated: 18 September 1997

              February 1992:
DIGITAL announces Alpha, its program for 21st-century computing.
              November 1992:
DIGITAL introduces Alpha 64-bit computing with five new workstations and servers, the OpenVMS operating system, multiple compilers and networks, and new open business practices.
              March 1993:
DIGITAL ships OSF/1 UNIX for Alpha Systems.
              September 1993:
DIGITAL and Microsoft ship the Windows NT operating system for Alpha systems.
              October 1993:
DIGITAL launches a worldwide initative for open client/server computing, announcing more than 150 products and services.
              April 1994:
DIGITAL unveils the DIGITAL 2100 Alpha AXP server.
              August 1994:
DIGITAL describes the 21164, its newest Alpha microprocessor.
              April 1995:
DIGITAL introduces the
AlphaServer 8400, its most powerful computer system to date.
              July 1996:
DIGITAL announces 500MHz and 433MHz versions of its Alpha 21164 RISC microprocessor, strengthening its four-year claim to the world's fastest and highest-performance microprocessors.