Information Research Services Updated: 01 December 1997
              DIGITAL creates the first Internet firewall and establishes as a major FTP site on the Internet.
Introduction of the top-of-the-line
VAX 8800 and the midrange VAX 8300 and VAX 8200.
Announcement of
DECconnect wiring strategy and related products and services extends DIGITAL's networking leadership.
              April :
DIGITAL occupies its first built-for-remote services facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The building was designed with redundant power supplies, battery backup, emergency generators and multiple telephone lines to assure the highest level of customer service availability.
Introduction of the
VAXmate, a networked personal computer combining the resources of the VAX-VMS and MS-DOS operating systems.
DIGITAL introduces
Local Area VAXcluster systems, extending distributed computing to the work group.