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Chapter 22 Design of the B 5000 system 273

changed at any time during character mode so that the program may act on several areas.

The character mode operator syllable is split into two 6-bit parts; the last part specifies the operation to be performed and the first part specifies the number of times the operation is to be performed. Operations are provided for the transferring, deletion, comparison, and insertion of characters or bits. Also, there are operations which allow the repetition of syllable strings. This is quite useful for complex table look-up operations and for editing information which contains repeated patterns.


The Burroughs B 5000 system has been designed as an integrated hardware-software package which offers such benefits as savings in the memory space required to store equivalent object programs; multi-processing and parallel processing; and running identical programs on systems with different size memories and different system configurations with no loss in individual system efficiency.


LoneW6l; BartR6l; BockR63; CarlC63; MaheR6l

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