Tech Manual Mechanical Elec-Mech E-M & VT vt vt Transistor IC
Time Prehist-1600 1600-1800 1800-1890 1890-1945 1935-1947 1947-1955 1952-1958 1958-1968 1965- 1971- Micros 1977- 1982 1992 1995
Seminal to mark era Hollerith Find the computer The first dozen Industry starts Industry restarts Integrated  Circuits Dawn of microP 1st personal micros IBM PC Standard Dist'd Comp. & Ethernet; SUN RISC. Micros cross over Bipolar WWW Palm
It's all about record keeping and commerce Leo, UNIVAC IBM 701 Snowhite & 7 dwarfs+: burroughs, Honeywell, RCA
Industy starts: Leo, Univac, …
Aiding the bookeeper: general register, 
Reservation systems… 
Financial ttansactions… that's where the money is MICR, TP benchmarks erma '57
Capturing and search the web; Apache
It's about numbers, simulation,  science & insight
The beginning: ERA, 701
The Cray era: the big FORTRAN machine
Scalables: Computing by the slice. Fills any budget
Laboratory instrumentation is here or is a Mini?
It's only about Me
Working & workstations before the PC took all
Finally Personal: The day I bought my own computer
Playing, learning, entertaining
Put it your pocket
Control: Pay no attention to the computer behind the x
The mini…including science, machine etc.
The micro (microP, microC, multi-core, etc)
It's about communication & convergence
Telephony goes digital e.g. No. 5 ESS & Datacom…
ARPA net, Internet, and WWW
Pre-computer Generations -300.16
-4 Manual 1600.1800
-3 Mechanical 1800.1890
-2 Electro-Mechanical 1890.1930
-1 Electronic (Vacuum Tubes) 1930.1960
1st Generation (Vacuum Tubes) 1950.1959
2nd Generation (Discrete Transistor Circuitry) 1960.1968
3rd Generation ( IC's SSI-MSI) & Minis 1969.1977
4th Generation processor on a chip (LSI-VLSI,  1971.
Class: Mainframes 1960.2000
Class: Minicomputers 1965.1990
Class: PCs & Networked Workstations 1978.
Class: Scalables using Killer Micros  (take all - PCs, minis, mainframes, supers) 1990.
Class: WWW 1992.
Class: Palm Computing 1995.
Class: SFF aka CPSD (small form factor, cell phone sized devices) phone, player, camera, browser,  2000