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The following four references cover the Unibus and some bus related aspects of the PDP 11 architecture.

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The following references are the patents covering the Massbus design.

Jenkins S., Secondary Storage Facility for Data Processing System, U.S. patent 4,047,157 (6 Sept 1977). [Dual- Unibus RHJ I Massbus controller].

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The Honeywell Megabus, described in the first reference below, was an independent development that has some ideas similar to the SBI and the Unibus. The second reference has a short description of the SBI. The third reference contains an intellectual precursor to the SBI, the "z-bus", which was implemented only in a simulation.

Conway, J.W., "Approach to Unified Bus Architecture Sidestepping Inherent Drawbacks," Computer Design (Jan 1977). [Honeywell Megabus]

Digital Equipment Corporation, VAX-11/780 Architecture Handbook, (1977), Chapter 2, section 2.2, "The Synchronous Backplane Interconnect," p. 23. [SBI]

Levy, John V., "Computing with Multiple Microprocessors, Report SLAC-161, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, (Apr 1973); (Ph.D. thesis, Computer Science Department, Stanford University). [Z-machine and z-bus]

The next three references relate to a relatively new development, the contention-arbitrated serial bus. These are distributed-arbitration buses which have a single signal used for both arbitration and for data transfer. Further references can be found in these publications.

MacLaren, Don, Contention-arbitrated serial buses, Digital Equipment Corporation R&D Group internal memo (13 Sep 1977). [with 8 references]

Metcalfe, Robert M., Packet Communication, Report MAC TR-l 14, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Project MAC, (December 1973).

Metcalfe, Robert M. and David R. Boggs, "Ethernet: Distributed packet switching for local computer networks," report CSL 75-7, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (November 1975).

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