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438 Part 2 ½ Regions of Computer Space
Section 5 ½ Networks

simply be thrown away with complete assurance that it will he retransmitted eventually. There is no way for a receiver to quench the flow of such wasted transmissions or to expedite retransmission. Fourth, data is transmitted in integral numbers of 16-bit words belonging to unnamed files and thus the EFTP is either terribly restrictive or demands some nested file transfer formats internal to its data words. And fifth, functional generality is lost because the receiver is also the listener and server.

8. Conclusion

Our experience with an operating Ethernet leads us to conclude that our emphasis on distributed control was well placed. By keeping the shared components of the communication system to a minimum and passive, we have achieved a very high level of reliability. Installation and maintenance of our experimental Ethernet has been more than satisfactory. The flexibility of station interconnection provided by broadcast packet switching has encouraged the development of numerous computer networking and multiprocessing applications.



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