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Section 1½ Microprogram-Based Processors 157

of minicomputer/maxicomputer ISPs (e.g., the System/370 and the PDP-11). The 2901 data-types are sufficient for microcoded controller applications and emulation of simple ISPs (e.g., the PDP-8 and the HP-2116).


Am2903/2910 ISP. The ISPs of the 2903 and 2910 are provided as an appendix to Chap. 14. The reader is encouraged to use the ISP in implementation exercises, such as the one in Chap. 15.

PDP-8 Implementation with the Am2903/2910. Chapter 15 provides the Am2903/2910 microcode for a basic PDP-8. This design should be contrasted to the SSI PDP-8 implementation in Chap. 8.

Other Microprogramming Examples in This Book

Chapter 39 traces the microcoded implementation of an entire minicomputer family that encompasses both vertical and horizontal microword formats.

TMS 1000. Chapter 34 discusses a single-chip microprogrammed implementation extensively used in hand-held calculators.

The Hewlett-Packard HP 9100A Computing Calculator. The microprogrammed implementation of an early calculator is given in Chap. 48.

The Hewlett-Packard HP 9810/20/30 Calculators. The evolution from horizontally encoded to vertically encoded microprogram instruction format based on a minicomputer ISP is evident in the second-generation HP calculators in Chap. 49.

The Hewlett-Packard HP 9845 Desk-Top Computer. The third generation of desk-top computers is also vertically microprogrammed, as detailed in Chap. 31.

The three chapters on HP calculators illustrate the evolution of a concept and its microprogrammed implementation.

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