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400 Part 5 The PMS level

Section 2 Computers with one central processor and multiple input/output processors

A peculiar feature of the 1800 is its storage protection (see page 408). This feature should provide program relocation capability in addition to protection, but it does not.

PMS structure

A simplified picture of the IBM 1800 structure is given in Fig. 1, without Pio('Data Channel)'s and K('Device Adapter)'s. Each T and Ms have a K which connects Pc's In and Out Bus, the S('Pc to K). Some K's attach to Pio's and some directly to Pc. Information can be transferred between Mp and K via Pio at rates up to 0.5 megaword/s or 8 megabits/s. The IBM Configurator (Fig. 2) gives the restrictions on the possible structures, together with minute L details. It is presented as an alternative to the PMS structure (Fig. 1). The Configurator is intended to show the "permissible structures" but does not show the logical or physical structure. The PMS diagram (Fig. 3) alternatively shows the physical-logical hardware structure and performance parameters. It should be noted that a PMS diagram with the information of the computer component Configurator (Fig. 2) would require slightly more details (and space).

The central processor1-primary memory

The IBM 1800 is a fixed-word-length, binary computer with 4, 8. 16, or 32-kword memories of 16 + 1 + 1 bits, and a memory cycle time of 2 or 4 microseconds. Of the 18 bits 1 bit is used as a parity check (P bit) and 1 bit is used for storage protection (S bit). The Pc instruction set operates on 16-bit and 32-bit words. Indirect addressing and three index registers are used in address modification. The Pc has a 24-level interrupt system, three interval timers, and a console.

The Pc interrupt is a forced branch (jump) in the normal program sequence based upon external or internal Pc conditions. The devices and conditions that cause interrupts are hardwired in fixed priority levels. An interrupt request is not honored while the level of the request itself or any higher level is being serviced, or if the level requested is masked. Examples of interrupt conditions are:

1 An external process condition that requires attention is detected.

1IBM name: the Processor-Controller or PC.

Fig. 1. IBM 1800 data acquisition and control system. (Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation.)

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