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DMflag, below). The Kbus is a double height, extended length board. In addition, a special double height board must be connected at the opposite end of the Bus, to provide electrical termination.


Now that some basic modules have been described in detail we can illustrate how they function, when connected together by discussing the previous example in detail. The example is the one that was presented in Figure 6.

Notice that we have renamed the registers to correspond to the names used in the algorithm. For instance, the A and B registers of the DMgpa are renamed the I and S registers, respectively. The T(switch register) that is shown hasn't been described in detail yet, but it simply holds the value corresponding- to the binary switch value, and can be read, i.e.,<- N.

This particular implementation-operates as follows:

Although the synchronization of the Bus transfers is invisible to the RT level designer-user, it operates as follows:


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