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ACM Association for Computing Machinery

ADC Automatic Digital Computation

AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies

AIEE-IRE Conf. American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institute of Radio Engineers Conference

Appl. Sci. Res. Applied Scientific Research

EJCC Eastern Joint Computer Conference

FJCC Fall Joint Computer Conference

SJCC Spring Joint Computer Conference

WJCC Western Joint Computer Conference

IBM J. of Res. and Dev. IBM Journal of Research and Development

IBM Sys. J. IBM Systems Journal

ICIP International Conference on Information Processing

IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers, London

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IFIP International Federation for Information Processing

IRE Institute of Radio Engineers

Psychology Rev. Psychology Review

Comm. Communications
Conf. Conference
Cong. Congress
J. Journal
Proc. Proceedings
Pt. Part
Res. Rept. Research Report
Supp. Supplement
Symp. Symposium
Trans. Transactions

Reports, manuals, and miscellaneous

"Study of a Computer Directly Implementing an Algebraic Language," AD633-727, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Contract AF19(628)-2798.

Control Data 6600 Computer System Reference Manual, 1st ed. Publ. 450, Copyright © 1963, Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis 20, Minn.

"Digital Small Computer Handbook," 1967 Edition, Copyright © 1967, all rights reserved, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

Programmed Buffered Display 338 Programming Manual- PDP-8, DEC-08-G61C-D, Copyright © 1967, all rights reserved, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

A22-6703, IBM 7094 Principles of Operation, Data Processing System, Copyright © 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, International Business Machines Corporation.

A22-6821-4 IBM System/360 Principles of Operation.

A22-6810-8 IBM System/360 System Summary.

IBM System/360 Functional Characteristics Manuals for each Model

IBM System/360 Configurator (diagram) for each Model.

IBM OS/360: PL/I Language Specification, Form C28-6571, p. 74.

H20-0223-0, IBM System/360 Attached Support Processor System (ASP) System Description, Copyright © 1966, International Business Machines Corporation.

A24-1403-5, IBM 1401 Reference Manual, Data Processing System, Copyright © 1960,1961,1962, International Business Machines Corporation.

225-6487-3, IBM 1401 Customer Engineering Reference Manual, Copyright © 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, International Business Machines Corporation.


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