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The authors wish to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of their many colleagues at Burroughs Laboratories who have contributed so well and in so many ways to all stages of D825 design, development, fabrication, and programming. It would be impossible to cite all of these efforts. The authors also wish to acknowledge the contributions of Mr. William R. Slack and Mr. William W. Carver, also of Burroughs Laboratories. Mr. Slack has been closely associated with the D825 from its original conception to its implementation in hardware and software. Mr. Carver made important contributions to the writing and editing of this paper.

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This work was supported in part by the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, and in part by the Advanced Research Projects Agency as administered by the Rome Air Development Center, Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, New York, under Contract USAF 30 (602)4144.

The authors are pleased to acknowledge their indebtedness to the group at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation that initiated the parallel computer effort. The work of W. C. Borck, A. B. Carroll, J. R. Hudson, W. H. Leonard, R. C. McReynolds, and G. Shapiro formed the basis for the subsequent efforts. Of particular importance is the work of J. G. Gregory in tuning the conceptual design to the real world of technology.

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This research is supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Contract AF19(628)-2798.

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The efforts and contributions of many people have gone into the engineering design of the Stretch computer. To mention all would be impossible. However, the following individuals and their groups were responsible for the units indicated; Mr. R. T. Blosk for the Instruction Unit, Mr. J. F. Dirac for the Look-ahead Units, Messrs. J. A. Hipp and 0. L. MacSorley for the Arithmetic Units, and Mr. L. 0. Ulfsparre for the Memory Bus. The Systems Development was under the guidance of Messrs. S. W. Dunwell and R. E. Merwin.

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This report has been prepared in accordance with the terms of Con tract W-36-034-ORD-7481 between the Research and Development Service, Ordnance Department, U.S. Army and the Institute for Advanced Study.

The authors wish to express their thanks to Dr. John Tukey, of Princeton University, for many valuable discussions and suggestions.

John W. Carr III: UNIVAC Scientific (1103A) Instruction Logic, pp. 77-83; IBM 650 Instruction Logic, pp. 93-98; Instruction Logic of the Soviet


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